Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Equipment

Why Hydraulics? The answer is simple:
Hydraulic tools help you get the job done faster and more cost efficient!
When you press the trigger on a breaker you realize how powerful an energy transmitter hydraulic oil really is. A 9 horsepower power pack delivers the same power at the tool tip as a 20 horsepower diesel compressor engine.

It gets even better:
Hydraulic works in a closed loop so dirt and moisture are kept out. This greatly increases the life-time and reliability of the tool; it always works when you need it. Maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum due to very few moving parts and sturdy design.

The power pack fits in an ordinary service van and two people can carry the power pack with ease. Great if you are a professional on the move who needs lots of power for your tools and want to be independent of external power supply.

Many times you won’t even need a power pack at all. Hydraulic tools can be connected to a range of different power sources such as excavators, trucks, skid-steers and tractors. Great for quick one-day jobs: fencing, braking up paving for cables or piping.

And it is economical: For the price of one compressor and breaker you can buy two complete hydraulic power pack / breaker packages and the running costs are up to 85% lower.

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