Hycon Handheld Saws

Hycon Handheld Saws

The HYCON Cut-off saw is a very sturdy tool intended for cutting even under the most extreme conditions. It is capable of cutting all kinds of concrete, steel, brick wall, asphalt, and more! It is completely unaffected by water and dust, and all parts run in oil. The hydraulic cut-off saw from HYCON is available in two variants 400mm and 500mm.

The HYCON PREMIUM-saws are built for hard use day after day - without breakdowns.

The fact, that the saw is always working and does not require service means higher profits than with e.g. a petrol saw.

Additional features:

  • Low weight for operator comfort
  • Built-in water line.
  • Hydraulic driven mean no 2 stoke engine fume close to operator.
  • Uses standard Tool-Co diamond blades - keeping costs down.
  • Designed for both vertical and horizontal use.
  • Perfect for all work conditions - dusty and wet.
  • With the lightweight cart you can make straight cuts with ease.
  • All parts run in oil - insuring parts long lifetime.
  • High quality gearmotor with direct drive, ensures the lowest maintenance requirements - especially compared to belt driven 2 stroke engine saws.
  • Can be operated under water

HCS16 Specifications

  • Blade size: 400mm
  • Oil flow, l.p.m: 20-40
  • Working pressure, bar: 120
  • Max. pressure, bar: 172
  • Weight w/o equipment: 7.8kg
  • Cutting depth:162mm
  • Noise level 1 m LPA dB: 97
  • Noise level 1 m LWA dB: 108
  • Vibration level m/s²: <2.5

HCS20 Specifications

  • Blade size: 500mm
  • Oil flow, l.p.m: 30-40
  • Working pressure, bar: 120
  • Max. pressure, bar: 172
  • Weight w/o equipment: 9.2kg
  • Cutting depth: 212mm
  • Noise level 1 m LPA dB: 99
  • Noise level 1 m LWA dB: 110
  • Vibration level m/s²: <2.5



HCS16 Product Feature

HCS16 Parts List

HCS20 Product Feature

HCS20 Parts List

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HCS16 Saw400mmHY3030401
HCS20 Saw500mmHY3030500

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