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Bellinzoni Stone Products

Mactool South Africa is proud to announce The Bellinzoni Family group (Founded in 1937 Italy) as another incredible Supply partner in the Stone, Granite and Cement industry.

From Counter- top to Flooring our advice, expertise and product range, is not limited to the size of the project, but to the care for the workmanship.

Whether Polishing, Sealing or Protecting our products remain consistent and above par.

Thanks to the partnerships we develop we offer the very best in International Standards for the Natural stone and Cement industry.

Please refer to our link to see our Bellinzoni product range. 

Husqvarna High Fequency

Husqvarna now presents PRIME™, the new generation of high performance technology. PRIME™ consists of a new product range of light and powerful electric equipment for handheld cutting, drilling and wall sawing.

The equipment is powered by a unique power supply, Husqvarna PP 65 or PP 220, which converts regular AC power into to a high frequency current that drives the cutting equipment. With PRIME™, digital electronics replace hydraulics and mechanics in all areas of concrete cutting.

“It is fair to say that we, by introducing the PRIME™ product range, bring a whole new level of efficiency and usability to the industry, increasing performance, productivity and mobility for our customers”, says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager, Husqvarna Construction Products. 
PRIME™ stands for Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular and Electric and the following products are now introduced on the market; Husqvarna DM 650 Core Drilling Machine, K 6500 Power Cutter, K 6500 Ring Saw, WS 220 Wall Saw and the power packs PP 65 and PP 220. The customer can, depending on its needs, combine a system of products from the 
PRIME™ product range to suit what is most efficient for its business. Also, the customer can 
expand the system as needs develop over time.


Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular and Electric

• Outperforms regular electric equipment 
• Equivalent to hydraulic equipment 
• Outstanding power-to-weight ratio 

• Ground-breaking productivity 
• New benchmark for usability and ergonomics 
• Next generation high frequency technology Intelligent 
• Ensures power and rpm for each cutting job 
• Ensures optimal power and rpm for each cutting job 
• Plug and play setup of power source and connected units 
• Minimal service requirements 

• Low-weight units 
• One power pack fits all 
• Electronic components are separated from vibrating tools 

• Uses both 1- and 3-phase power 
• Only two connections – power and water 
• No oil leakages, no stiff hydraulic hoses




Scanmaskin Floor Grinding

Mactool & Scanmaskin'in size en iyi zemin taşlama makinelerini sunmak için birlikte çalıştığını duyurmaktan gurur duyuyoruz.

Sizin için doğru makineyi bulmak için serimize bir göz atın. Scanmaskin Zemin Öğütme altındaki ayrıntılara lütfen bakın.



Raimondi Leveling System

Raimondi Levelling System (R.L.S.) is a revolution in tile setting. In addition to ensuring the proper levelling of tiles, this system helps to speed up the tile setting process.

R.L.S. is strongly recommended when installing flexible, large format, heavy or low-thickness tiles (3-5 mm).

R.L.S. is made up of three elements: clips (spacers), wedges and pliers.

Clips are available in two different versions: for tiles from 3mm up to 12mm thickness and for tiles from 12mm up to 20mm thickness. The wedge works for both clip sizes and it is re-usable virtually forever.

Special traction-adjustable pliers are available in two different versions: for floor or for wall coverings. The use of the pliers is suggested for facilitating and speeding up the insertion of the wedge in the clips. It also optimizes the pressure on the tile.

R.L.S. is the easiest and quickest to remove levelling system: it is enough to kick the spacers to remove the unnecessary part from the installed floor. No tool required.


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