Raimondi BC45 Bevel Cutting Device ("Jolly")

Raimondi BC45 Bevel Cutting Device ("Jolly")

A device to perform 45° bevel cuts directly on the construction site! It works by sliding across the edge of the tile or slab with anti-scratch plastic slides. This guarantees a fast and precise execution and allows you to work without any length limits. The maximum tile or slab thickness with a 115mm blade is 16mm, while a 125m blade can cut up to 20mm. There are dedicated knobs for adjusting the cutting depth to determine the best amount of material to remove. Once you make the adjustment, it is set for any future cutting of any tile thickness.

Suitable with almost all angle grinders between 600-1100W that have an M14 arbour attachment.

Angle Grinder Sold Separately.


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BC45 Mitre Cut (Jolly) Excl. GrinderRAL433BCOHEU

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