Kam Tools Polyurethane Gauge Rake

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Kam Tools Polyurethane Gauge Rake

A non-marking tool to spread flowable floor coating materials. The flexible blade will not chatter or damage the priming medium.

Available Options

300mm x 2mmFA-MPU1302
300mm x 3mmFA-MPU1303
300mm x 4mmFA-MPU1304
300mm x 5mmFA-MPU1305
300mm x 6mmFA-MPU1306
300mm x 8mmFA-MPU1308
300mm x 10mmFA-MPU13010
450mm x 2mmFA-MPU1452
450mm x 3mmFA-MPU1453
450mm x 4mmFA-MPU1454
450mm x 5mmFA-MPU1455
450mm x 6mmFA-MPU1456
450mm x 8mmFA-MPU1458
450mm x 10mmFA-MPU14510
600mm x 2mmFA-MPU1602
600mm x 3mmFA-MPU1603
600mm x 4mmFA-MPU1604
600mm x 5mmFA-MPU1605
600mm x 6mmFA-MPU1606
600mm x 8mmFA-MPU1608
600mm x 10mmFA-MPU16010
Replacement Blade 300mm x 2mmFA-MPU1302R
Replacement Blade 300mm x 3mmFA-MPU1303R
Replacement Blade 300mm x 4mmFA-MPU1304R
Replacement Blade 300mm x 5mmFA-MPU1305R
Replacement Blade 300mm x 6mmFA-MPU1306R
Replacement Blade 300mm x 8mmFA-MPU1308R
Replacement Blade 300mm x 10mmFA-MPU13010R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 2mmFA-MPU1452R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 3mmFA-MPU1453R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 4mmFA-MPU1454R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 5mmFA-MPU1455R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 6mmFA-MPU1456R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 8mmFA-MPU1458R
Replacement Blade 450mm x 10mmFA-MPU14510R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 2mmFA-MPU1602R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 3mmFA-MPU1603R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 4mmFA-MPU1604R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 5mmFA-MPU1605R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 6mmFA-MPU1606R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 8mmFA-MPU1608R
Replacement Blade 600mm x 10mmFA-MPU16010R

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