Bellinzoni MASTIC 2000 Glue Solid

Bellinzoni MASTIC 2000 Glue Solid

Two pack mastic for marble and stone, based of unsatured polyester resins. It hardens quickly after adding its hardener. It has good adhesive power, it is available in different colours. The product is specifically formulated for marble repair, filling, gluing and joint adhesions. The product can be used for filling gaps between metallic accessories and stones when mechanical fixing is used. After hardening, it can be worked as the stone. It can be coloured by using colour paste tubes and colour oxide powders. It is resistant to most of the chemicals such as oils, fats, detergents, solvents, etc


Instructions for use:

The area to be glued or filled must be clean, perfectly dry and dust free. Add 2% of hardener in weight to the mastic, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained and apply with a spatula on horizontal or vertical surface. In cold season it is possible to increase quantity of hardener up to 3%. Once hardened after a couple hours, the mastic can be grinded and polished. For materials with porosities or very big holes (i.e. Travertine) we suggest a second coating.

Suggestions of use:

  • Do not use the hardener more than 4% as it will reduce adhesion n of the product and also reduces the working time and could cause colour variation
  • Never catalyse the total quantity of glue (mastic) at one time in order to avoid “mass effect” because the mastic will dry quickly
  • Do not use less than 1% hardener and/or at low temperatures (Below 5⁰ C) as it makes the catalyzation time very long.
  • Do not use colouring paste in quantity more than 2% as it could prejudice the adhesion.
  • After mixing with hardener, the product has a working time between 3 and 15 minutes.
  • Stone can be moved 20 minutes after treatment
  • Read recommendation printed on the tin before use carefully.

Applications on surfaces:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Agglomerated and engineered stones
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Resin marble


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Available Options

Glue Yellow Solid Kit 750mlGB02802
Glue Yellow Solid Kit 5LGB02803
Glue Yellow Solid Kit 17LGB02804
Glue White Solid Kit 750mlGB02902
Glue White Solid Kit 5LGB02903
Glue White Solid Kit 17LGB02904
Glue Transparent Solid 750mlGB03102
Glue Transparent Solid 5LGB03103
Glue Transparent Solid 17LGB03104
Glue 2000 Black solid 750ml Kit B12GB03401
Glue 2000 Bassalt Gray 750ml Kit B10GB03501
Glue 2000 Ivory solid 750ml Kit B14GB03601
Glue 2000 Dark Straw 750ml Kit B04GB03701
Glue 2000 Fog Grey 750ml Kit B30GB03801
Glue 2000 Carnic Grey 750ml Kit B30GB03901
Catalyst Hardener 40mlGB04002
Catalyst Hardener 180mlGB04003

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