Bellinzoni Lem-3 Detergent

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Bellinzoni Lem-3 Detergent

Our Bellinzoni Lem-3 is for deep cleaning of marble and granite without removing the natural sheen or damaging the surface. Bellinzoni LEM-3 is the solution! LEM-3 acts vigorously against dirt and delicately with the material to be cleaned.
Pleasantly perfumed and with the pH factor specifically made for a deep cleaning of marble or any other stone material without damage, this is surely the detergent for the professional.

Application surfaces

All surfaces in general. Specific cleaner for marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, engineered & artificial stones.


Average coverage washing stone floors can be up to 250/300 sqm with 1 litre of product. Coverage of product depends on the quality of the stone and the amount of dirt that needs to be removed.


For manual floor application dilute 30-50 ml (2-3 tablespoon) of product directly in a bucket of water, mix well and then proceed in cleaning the surface using a scrubbing brush with soft cloth. Once floor is clean, let it dry.

For big areas dilute the product directly in tank of automatic washing machine or a single disc polish machine equipped medium scrubbing pad and proceed to clean the floor. Vacuum up the dirty water as this process avoids spreading the dirt to other areas and prevents any dirt from entering into the stone. For very resistant dirt repeat the application or use a stronger product such as ULTRA STRIPPER. Let the floor dry before walking on it.

Dilute product depending on the level of dirt to remove. We suggest following dilutions:

  • Periodical maintenance of floor in marble or granite: dilute 30-50 ml (2-3 tablespoon) of product in 1 litre of warm water.
  • For heavy dirt to remove or grease spot increase dilution till 100 ml (6-7 tablespoon) of product in 1 litre of warm water.

Before use, carefully read the recommendations printed on the bottle.



Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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