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Gauging Trowel:

The gauging trowel is a versatile tool used for transferring adhesive or plaster (the broad rounded point is ideal for picking product out of a bucket) and for applying to a wall or surface. Use this trowel for mixing or "gauging" small quantities of product.

Bucket Trowel:

The bucket trowel is used for mixing, scooping and scraping product in the bucket. Great for picking up product to slap on the wall or floor before spreading it out.

Notched Trowel:

A notched trowel is a tool used for spreading of adhesive in tile floor installation.

Square notched trowels are used in tile, hardwood floor and vinyl floor installation. They are available in 3mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thicknesses. It is always recommended that your “butter” both side of your tile when laying it. You can use the smaller notches for the back side of the tile and the larger for the floor (10mm) or wall (6mm).

Product Care

In order to extend the life of your trowel, it is recommended that you rinse off the adhesive immediately after use. When the adhesive dries, it must be chipped away, which may cause damage to the trowel. Wipe down the trowel and store it in a dry area, to prevent rust from forming.

Available Options

Gauging TrowelMTT07000
Bucket TrowelMTT07001
Square Notched Trowel 6mmMTT05007
Square Notched Trowel 8mmMTT05006
Square Notched Trowel10mmMTT05005
Sigma No-Air Trowel 280mm x 130mmSIGR0001

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