Sigma Jolly Edge

Sigma Jolly Edge

The Jolly Edge is a combination of the Jolly Bull and the Jolly Angle. It rests on the edge of the tile/slab (stoneware, marble, granite, etc.) to ensure the uniformity of the chamfer along the entire edge being worked. It will follow the curves of the slab, which would not be possible with a cutter guided by a rigid guide. It can work in a single pass on tiles with thickness of 5mm to 20mm. If it is fitted with a diamond blade, it can cut a flat bevel at any angle from 40° to 50°. If it is fitted with a diamond grinding wheel, it can create a bullnose with radius of 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm.


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Available Options

Sigma Jolly Edge - Excluding Grinder (37A1D)SIGJE001
Flex L810/125mm Grinder 800W (Constant Speed)POG125F001-JE
Makita GA5040C 125mm Grinder 1400W (Variable Speed)POG115M001-JE
Laser Slot Continuous Rim - Premium 115 x 1.5 x 22.23mmBNC115P-JE
Continuous Rim - Dry Premium - 115 x 1.8 x 22.23mmBC115TP-JE
Jolly Edge Bullnose Wheel R6mm (072L06)SIGJE006
Jolly Edge Bullnose Wheel R8mm (072L)SIGJE005
Jolly Edge Bullnose Wheel R10mm (072L10)SIGJE004
Backing Pad 100mm x M14BPAD115-JE
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 200#BPD0200-JE
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 800#BPD0800-JE
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 1500#BPD1500-JE
Sigma Jolly Edge Table Fixing Kit (37C)SIGJE002

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