Sigma Bevelling Machine

Sigma Bevelling Machine

Precision Machine for chamfering porcelain tiles, marble, granite & glass. Rests on top of the tile and slides along it’s edge to create a uniform chamfer along the entire length of the edge. It will follow the curves in the tile which would not be possible if using a rigid guide. Bevel from 1 to 12mm (from 1 to 6mm on porcelain) Adjustable to any angle between 22° and 90°. The BULL is obtained with multiple passes at different angles. Allows finishing of the lateral edge of the tile. (max 30mm)


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Available Options

Sigma Simple Bevel - Excluding Grinder (36A4D)SIGK006
Flex L810/125mm Grinder 800W (Constant Speed)POG125F001-SB
Makita GA5040C 125mm Grinder 1400W (Variable Speed)POG115M001-SB
Turbo Cup Grinder 105mm x M14 (Course)LCGC105P-SB
Turbo Cup Grinder 105mm x M14 (Medium)LCGM105P-SB
Turbo Cup Grinder 105mm x M14 (Fine)LCGF105P-SB
Backing Pad 100mm x M14BPAD115-SB
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 50#BPD0050-SB
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 200#BPD0200-SB
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 800#BPD0800-SB
Polishing Pad, Dry 100 x 1.5mm x 1500#BPD1500-SB
Sigma Simple Bevel Table Fixing Kit (36C4)SIGK008

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