Scanmaskin Bauta Double Grinding Plate

Scanmaskin Bauta Double Grinding Plate

Our Scanmaskin Bauta premium series of diamond tools that give you more diamond for your money. It’s efficient and high quality grinding tools in a wide range of grit sizes and hardness’s to suit your needs.


Hardness Chart

SCSSSS: Special diamond tool.
SCSSS: Extremely soft diamond tool for concrete floors with a glossy hard surface.
SCSS: Extra soft diamond tool for extra hard concrete.
SCS: Soft diamond tool for hard concrete.
SCM: Medium hard diamond tool for fast cutting of normal concrete.
SCX: Extra hard diamond tool for soft concrete and filler remnants.
SCXX: Very hard diamond tool for rain damage concrete and rough concrete surfaces.
SCXXX: Extremely hard diamond tool for newly cast concrete.
SCXXXX: Special diamond tool.

Grit Details

Silver 8/16# - Very rough diamonds for course grinding.
Black 14/16# - Rough diamonds for course grinding.
Brown 20/25# - Rough diamonds for coarse grinding.
Blue 30/40# - Fine grinding prior to applying thin coatings.
Green 60/80# - Provides very fine and smooth surfaces.
White 150# - Provides a very fine surface. Also able to grind natural stone, both wet and dry.
Yellow 200# - Used to increase the life of plastic bond polishing tools. Also usable with natural stone, both wet and dry.

Recommended Products…

Silver 8#, SCSS
Silver 8#, SCS
Silver 8#, SCM
Silver 8#, SCX
Silver 8#, SCXX
Black 16#, SCSSSS
Black 16#, SCSSS
Black 16#, SCSS
Black 16#, SCS
Black 16#, SCM
Black 16#, SCX
Black 16#, SCXX
Black 16#, SCXXXX
Brown 25#, SCM
Blue 30/40#, SCSS
Brown 25#, SCX
Blue 30/40#, SCS
Blue 30/40#, SCM
Blue 30/40#, SCX
Blue 30/40#, SCXX
Green 60/80#, SCSS
Green 60/80#, SCS
Green 60/80#, SCM
Green 60/80#, SCX
White 150#, SCSS
White 150#, SCS
White 150#, SCM
White 150#, SCX
Yellow 200#, SCM

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