Raimondi Tip-Top

Raimondi Tip-Top

TIP-TOP is a face-up mitre-clamping-device for stairs and counter tops of any length

  • Independent double micro-metric adjustments (vertical-up and down / horizontal-back and forward) allows to easily create the perfect corner.
  • No tile length limits make it perfect for large format porcelain tiles as well.
  • As a general guideline we recommend to use a pair (1 kit) on tiles or stones up to 200 cm (6.6’) length. For longer tiles just add additional units. Slider adjustment to accommodate laminated edges from 30 to 300 mm (1 3/16” – 12”).
  • Steps/top dimensions (performances):
    maximum tile length: ∞ (infinite / no limit of length);
    riser: maximum 300 mm (12”); minimum 30 mm(1 3/16”).
    maximum tile width: ∞ (infinite / no width limit);
    maximum tile thickness: 3 cm (1 3/16”).
  • Suitable also for corner gluing (3 tiles). At least two kits (4 devices) are necessary to perform this particular operation.
  • The 3 ballasts weighing a total of 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) which equip each device contribute to create the perfect weights distribution to keep the tiles in position.
  • The 2 stain-free rubber suction cups (Ø 88 mm; 3.5”) which equip each device help keeping them in place while doing up & down /back & forward micro-adjustments.
  • Black reference bands make it easy and fast to place the devices on the top of the tiles in the right position.
  • TIP-TOP is designed to work on the top of the tiles. Tiles must be positioned on a stable, sturdy and big-enough table. We recommend to use one or more BM180 table (worktop dimensions up-to 360×150 cm and even more if needed).


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