Manta Tile Cutter

Manta Tile Cutter

Available in both 1.5m and 2m versions, the Manta is a heavy duty single phase manual saw for cutting natural stone, porcelain, and ceramics. the head slides on two rectified chrome ground bars by means of linear ball-bearings. It is equipped with a submersible pump placed inside the base, which doubles as the water reservoir.
Vertical head motion is by means of a hand-wheel for a fast and stable adjustment. Tilting head for 45° cuts.
EQUIPPED WITH: 1 submersible pump and a set of servicing wrenches.

Excluding Diamond Blade

150mm Specifications

Power 230V, 2.2kW
Max Blade Size 350mm x 25.4mm
Max cutting length 1500mm
Max cutting depth 110mm
Weight 210kg

200mm Specifications

Power 230V, 2.2kW
Max Blade Size 350mm x 25.4mm
Max cutting length 2000mm
Max cutting depth 110mm
Weight 260kg


MANTA Parts List

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Available Options

150mm Manta Electric Tile SawMN120350ED
200mm Manta Electric Tile SawMN120458
Side StopMNS17M003
Long Diagonal Square 50cmMNS17M004
Short Diagonal SquareMNS17M005
Water PumpMNS020022NMM
Side Roller BenchMNS17M000

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