Chisels & Spades

Chisels & Spades

Our Tool-Co Chisels & Spades are made of tungsten carbide, designed for heavy-duty demolition and excavation work, and are commonly used in construction, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, and other industries where breaking up or removing hard materials is required.

Clay Spade: This is a tool designed for digging through hard-packed clay or soil. It features a wide, flat blade with pointed end that can break through tough, compacted earth. It is commonly used to dig trenches for pipes, cables, and other underground utilities.

Chisel - Flat: This is a tool designed for general-purpose demolition work, such as removing tiles or breaking up concrete. The wide, flat blade allows for efficient removal of large areas of material.

Chisel - Point: This is a tool designed for heavy-duty demolition work, such as breaking up concrete or masonry. The pointed tip allows for precise and targeted chiselling, making it ideal for removing specific sections of material.

Available Options

ThumbnailTypeDescription (Size x Length x Working)SKUQuantity 
Clay Spade - SDS MAX18 x 350 x 115CPM-CSx115
Chisel - Point PH6530 x 410 x 0CPPH-30x410x0
Chisel - Flat SDS MAX18 x 400 x 75CPM-18×400×75
Chisel - Flat SDS MAX18 x 400 x 50CPM-18×400×50
Chisel - Flat SDS MAX18 x 400 x 40CPM-18×400×40
Chisel - Flat SDS MAX18 x 400 x 25CPM-18×400×25
Chisel - Point SDS MAX18 x 400 x 0CPM-18x400x00
Chisel - Flat HEX28 x 400 x 36CPH-28x400x36
Chisel - Point HEX28 x 400 x 0CPH-28x400

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