Bellinzoni Rust Remover

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Bellinzoni Rust Remover

Rust Remover – mangiaruggine (“RustEater”) is a gel product, especially formulated for the elimination of stains of rust on all lapideous materials. It can be safely used also on polished marbles, without ruining the shine. The RUSTEATER Gel acts quickly and it removes rust without effort.


Instruction for use:

Wet the surface in advance with clean water and apply a 5 mm thick layer of RUST REMOVER on the stain of rust to be removed, using a spatula or a small shovel. Once the product has been evenly distributed on the stain let RUST REMOVER work, it will turn into an opaque dark purple. This colour shows that the necessary reaction for rust removal has correctly occurred. Time of activation of RUST REMOVER can vary considerably depending on the material on which it is applied and surface finish aspect. In general, on materials with a polished finish it will take more time. In any case, it is suggested to perform preliminary tests to determine specific time of activation. Once the reaction has happened clean the surface within 10 minutes, in order to prevent discouloartion of the product as it could penetrate into the material. Rinse with water and repeat the application if necessary. For big areas it is possible to rinse using a pressure washer.

Application tools:

  • Plastic trowel
  • Brush

Suggestion for use and recommendations:

In case the first application the stain is not completely removed, reapply further applications.

  • Read carefully the recommendations printed on label before use.
  • Always perform a test before use.

On light materials it could happen that the reaction of RUST REMOVER with the rust generate a light pinkish spot on the material, this is caused by the absorption of the colour by the stone. This “shadow” can be easily removed cleaning the surface using the WHITENING CLEANER VIP10.

Application surfaces:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Terrazzo
  • Cement
  • Stones


Coverage is subjected to the type, quality, and quantity of rust spot. Theoretically applying 5 mm thickness of gel it is possible to cover approx. 10 sqm with one litre of product but this can vary.




Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Available Options

Rust Remover Gel 250mlGB6902
Rust Cleaner Gel - 1LGB06901

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