Bellinzoni L&L Clean and Polish

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Bellinzoni L&L Clean and Polish

L&L is a product for the rapid and simple maintenance of natural stones and agglomerates. It can be used to wash and polish floors with a natural or waxed sheen, in one single operation. The product must be diluted in water at a ratio of 1:30 to 1:50 and can be applied by hand or with wash-and-dry floor polisher.


Small areas:

Regular maintenance of floors: Dilute 30 ml in 1 litre of lukewarm water; wash with mop, cloth, wax spreader fleece or brush. No need to rinse.

Large areas:

For use with a floor scrubbing machine: Dilute 20 ml in a litre of water directly into the machine tank and wash the floor.

Application tools:

  • Mop
  • Fleece
  • Automatic washing floor scrubbing machine

Suggestion for use and recommendations:

Above suggested dilution is susceptible of modification depending on the surface type and the traffic it is subjected to.

  • After use of L&L, it is not necessary to proceed to floor polishing. In case you prefer to do it, this operation can be done with a common floor polishing machine.
  • Read carefully recommendations printed on the tin and perform a test before use.

Application surfaces:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Agglomerated stones.


For maintenance cleaning of floors in general is possible to treat 250/300 sqm with 1 litre of product.


Technical Data Sheet

Available Options

1 LitreGB06401
5 LitreGB06402

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