Bellinzoni Imprepox1000 Premium Extra Fluid Epox

Bellinzoni Imprepox1000 Premium Extra Fluid Epox

Bellinzoni IMPREPOX 1000 is a two component epoxy system used mainly in the stone processing field, to restore and consolidate natural stone surfaces, porous and leaky concrete and cement objects, and to reinforce rear of natural stone slabs subject to breakage.

Bellinzoni IMPREPOX1000 is a thermo-hardening, very low viscosity resin based product that reticulates with epoxy specific hardener at room temperature, to be used as hard protective coating chemically resistant in civil engineering, with high solid content, extra transparent and without VOC (Volatile organic compounds).

Bellinzoni IMPREPOX1000 is particularly suitable for the closing of capillaries and micro cracks, it offers hardness and flexibility, best resistance to chemicals and solvents, and it gives particular adhesion and shining after polishing. It is completely transparent and does not turn in yellow. Its renewed formula makes it the best product to fill and seal imperfections on clear marbles and granites.


  • Quick hardening
  • Excellent penetrating power
  • Reduced tendency to yellowing
  • Weatherproof
  • Improves strength of stone
  • Excellent polishing
  • VOC Content: 0


Instruction for Use:

Surface to be treated must be clean and dry. Stains, mildew and crusting must be scraped off.

Catalysis ratio is 4:1. Four parts of component “A” and one part of component “B”.

Mix two component into a clean tin, pour the content on the stone to be treated and spread with a spatula or notched trowel on the entire slab if necessary, to fill capillaries and cracks. Apply only on the crack if is necessary to fill only that part of the stone. Take from the original tins (part A & Part B) only small quantities of product to avoid a very fast reaction.

The mix has a workable time of 20/30 minutes at 20°C, the time will be longer at lower room temperature and shorter at higher room temperature. Grinding can be done after 24 hours at room temperature (20°C), or it is possible to warm the slab to higher temperature in order to shorten drying time:

20°C 24 hours
30°C 12 hours
40°C 6 hours
50°C 4 hours
60°C 3 hours


Complete polymerization of Bellinzoni IMPREPOX 1000 will be after 7-8 days from application. Grinding and polishing can be done using regular abrasive stones or diamond tools.


Suggestion for Use:

  • Avoid using Imprepox1000 at temperature below 15°C because drying process might not be completed.
  • Epoxy resins are sensitive to humidity and could change reaction times, it is advised not to apply the product in situation of high humidity.
  • Never catalyse the total quantity of the mastic at one time in order to avoid “mass effect” because the mastic will dry quickly.
  • Do not use hardener in different ratio than indicated on the tin or in the present bulletin; it will prejudice catalysis time and could never dry, or change the colour of catalysed product.
  • Do not use the colouring paste in quantity more than 5% as it could prejudice the adhesion.
  • Part A and Part B should be taken with different paddles/spatulas.
  • Adhesive already thickened or in gel phase could no longer be worked.
  • Tools can be cleaned with nitro solvent.
  • Keep lid closed and store product in a cool and ventilated place
  • Avoid contaminating part A with part B.
  • Read recommendations printed on the tin before use carefully.


Application on surfaces:

Marble, granite, terrazzo, engineered stones, sandstone, limestone and concrete.

Treated surfaces may deepen in colour to a greater or lesser amount depending upon the type of stone.

Fissured areas can look more enhanced than the rest of surface.

Hardening process is accelerated by heat and delayed by cold.


For treatment of marble and granite with hairline cracks or micro cracks, it is possible to treat approximately 15-20m2 with 1 Kg of product (mix).


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Available Options

Premium Extra Fluid Epoxy A 1kgGB04501
Premium Extra Fluid Epoxy B 250gGB04502

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