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Bellinzoni Idea Stoneager

IDEA STONAGER is a product specifically studied to protect, intensify the colour and give an antique look to stones marble, granite and artificial stones. Its typical application is on unpolished stones such as sand-blasted, bush-hammered, rough, flamed or honed ones. IDEA STONAGER protects against stains due to oils, greases, humidity and prevents formation of mildew.


Instruction for use

Apply IDEA STONAGER evenly on clean surfaces by micro-fibre cloth or appropriate tool taking care not to make excess of product. If the material is very porous or to enhance more the colour, reapply IDEA STONAGER within 1 - 2 hours. In case of excess of product due to an abundant application, it is possible to remove it rubbing the surface with a micro-fibre cloth within 30-60 minutes. In case of floors wait 24 hours before walking. Keep in the original packaging. For professional use only. Make a test before use.

Application tools:

  • Brush
  • Roll
  • Cloth
  • Mop
  • Fleece

Suggestion for use and recommendations:

  • Do not dilute the product with water or other solvents because the preparation is ready for use.
  • The material to be treated must be completely dry.
  • Once treated, the stone must be left to dry for 48 hours to complete polymerization.
  • Before use carefully read the recommendations printed on the tin
  • Make a test before use

Application surfaces:

Unpolished marble, granite and stones.


For the treatment of rough granite, one litre of product can treat 8 to 12 sqm depending on the absorption and degree of finish of the material.

Maintenance of the treated surface:

For proper maintenance of the treatment we recommend carrying out periodic washing with our LEM-3 neutral detergent, diluted with water according to the amount of dirt to be removed, without using abrasive tools. The treatment has a variable duration, depending on weather condition it is exposed to and wear of the material. If necessary, it is possible to reapply IDEA STONAGER above a previous application.



Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Available Options

Idea Stoneager - 1LGB08802
Idea Stonager - 250mlGB08801
Idea Stoneager - 5LGB08803

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