Bellinzoni Eureka Polishing Gel

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Bellinzoni Eureka Polishing Gel

EUREKA is a new polishing gel, special for polish porcelain quickly and easily, just using a single disc machine or a grinding-honing machine. It is possible to use it on smoothed materials, starting from grain 220 and above, or in alternative to tin oxide. It is a gel product, specifically designed to polish new porcelain surfaces, or to restore polish floors that lost shine and colour by high traffic.


Instruction for use


Surface preparation: surface must be dry and clean. Wash the material eliminating dirt, residues of old wax and treatments (we recommend using our ULTRA STRIPPER); rinse well and buff. Put a small amount of product (10-15 grams) on the surface to be treated, moisten with few drops of water; proceed to polishing using an angle polisher with variable speed, equipped with Eureka PAD; speed rotation should be between 800-1500 rpm (1000 rpm is optimal). Work the surface until complete drying of gel and achievement of result. Wipe off excess with water and neutral detergent. Above procedure can be repeated if necessary.


Surface preparation: surface must be dry and clean. Wash the floor thoroughly with a floor machine and appropriate disk, eliminating dirt, residues of old wax and treatments (we recommend to use our ULTRA STRIPPER or LEM-3); rinse well and dry with a wet vacuum. Place approx. 30 grams. (a couple of tablespoon) of EUREKA on the floor; place the buffing machine equipped with fibre disc on the product, moisten lightly, then work with a single disc machine (from 150 to 400 rpm and at least 30 Kg of weight) over about 1-2 m2 of floor. Spray or pour water in case EUREKA dries too quickly during process. After spreading the product over the surface, work until complete drying of gel and achievement of desired shine. Finally, wash and rinse with water and an alkali (baking soda or Bellinzoni products) to remove product residue and to neutralize the acidity.

Suggestion for use and recommendations:

  • Do not dilute the product with other solvents or water as the preparation is ready for use. Only in the case of an excessive drying of the product is recommended to add water.
  • In case of application of the floor with underfloor heating, turn off the heater and let the stone cool completely.
  • Before use read carefully recommendations printed on packaging and perform a preliminary test.

Application surfaces:

Application tools:

  • Electric polisher
  • Buffing machine
  • Cloth


Estimate coverage

With 1 litre of product it is possible to treat 30/40 m 2


Technical Data Sheet

Available Options

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