Bellinzoni Block D70 ECO+

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Bellinzoni Block D70 ECO+

Water and oil repellent for protection of horizontal and vertical stone facades made in marble, granite, terracotta, natural stones, ceramic porcelain stoneware: BLOCK D70 ECO PLUS prevents penetration of water, humidity, oil, alimentary grease. Its chemical composition allows the treated material to breathe and allows humidity to exit from the stone but prevent the same from entering. BLOCK D70 ECO PLUS prevents mildew formation.


Surface must be thoroughly clean and dustless. It is possible to treat also wet surfaces. Lay BLOCK D70 ECO PLUS evenly on the surface to be protected, using a brush, roll, dry cloth, spreading fleece or mop. Let the product work for 3-5 minutes and then apply a second layer crossed to the first.

During the application and subsequent drying, temperature of the substrate should be between 10 and 30°C. In case of application on floor with underfloor heating system, turn off heating and allow the stone to cool completely.

Application tools:

  • Brush
  • Roll
  • Cloth
  • Mop
  • Fleece

Suggestion for use and recommendations:

  • Product is ready for use; do not dilute it.
  • On very absorbent material it is suggested to make a second application after 10 minutes from the first.
  • On extremely absorbent materials like terracotta or sandstone, it is suggested to apply 3 layers.
  • It is possible to apply the product on wet surfaces.
  • For small pieces of stone, it is possible to treat it by immersion and it is also possible to use a sponge damped with BLOCK D70 ECO PLUS and apply it on the material.
  • Once treated, the material must dry for 24 hours until the polymerization of the chemical is complete.
  • In case of treatment of statues, decorations etc. pay attention to reach well the cavities and corners.
  • In case too much product has been applied, it is possible to remove the excess by rubbing with a damp cloth.
  • Carefully read recommendations printed on label and perform a preliminary test on a small area before actual use.

Application surfaces:

Marble, granite, natural, engineered & artificial stones, cement.


For protection of marble and granite, with 1 litre of product is possible to treat 15/25 sqm depending on type and surface finish of material.

Maintenance of the treated surface:

For proper maintenance of the treatment we recommend carrying out periodic washing with our LEM-3 neutral detergent, diluted with water according to the amount of dirt to be removed, without using abrasive tools. The treatment has a variable duration, depending on weather condition it is exposed to and wear of the material. If necessary, it is possible to reapply BLOCK D70 ECO PLUS above a previous application.


Available Options

Block D70 Eco+ Water & Oil Repellent- 1LGB02402
Block D70 Eco+ Water & Oil Repellent- 5LGB02403
Block D70 Eco+ Water & Oil Repellent- 25LGB02404

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