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Concrete Polishing Pad Dry/Wet 80mm (BPY)


Model: Heavy Duty Pads

Manufacturer: Tool-Co

Our BPY resin-bonded diamond concrete polishing pads will give you a faster polishing speed, higher clarity and gloss shine with no colour change or swirls on your floor.

Optimal performance when used under heavy machines. 

Code Diameter Thickness Grit Quality Add to Enquiries
BPY0050 80mm 10mm 50# Professional
BPY0100 80mm 10mm 100# Professional
BPY0200 80mm 10mm 200# Professional
BPY0400 80mm 10mm 400# Professional
BPY800 80mm 10mm 800# Professional
BPY1500 80mm 10mm 1500# Professional
BPY3000 80mm 10mm 3000# Professional