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Scanmaskin Round On Wedges

Manufacturer: Scanmaskin

Round On SCS Bond

Round On is our standard line of diamond tooling and available in a wide range of grits. Please enquire with our sales department for a full list.


Round On Silver

This is a tool with very rough diamonds to scrub the surface and get it clean from concrete membrane or coating.

Roun On Black

This is a tool with rough diamonds for rough grinding. This is a useful tool to use before any coating of the surface with putty, thermoset coatings or tiles etc.


Round On Blue

This is a tool for fine grinding before painting or thinner coatings.


Round On Green

This tool provides a fine and smooth surface. The Round On Green is perfect for grinding before varnishing or before other thin surface protection is used. The Round On Green is also used in the first step in our polishing system Scan Combifloor for shiny concrete floors.


Round On White

This tool provides a very nice and smooth surface. It is ideal for use on concrete, and both wet and dry natural stone. The Round On White is often used in the second step in our polishing system Scan Combifloor.

Code Description Grit Quality Add to Enquiries
SCC-592302 Round On - Soft Concrete Black SCX Standard
SCC-592312 Round On - Soft Concrete Blue SCX Standard
SCC-592322 Round On - Soft Concrete Green SCX Standard
SCC-592332 Round On - Soft Concrete White SCX Standard
SCC-592301 Round On - Medium Concrete Black SCM Standard
SCC-592311 Round On - Medium Concrete Blue SCM Standard
SCC-592321 Round On - Medium Concrete Green SCM Standard
SCC-592331 Round On - Medium Concrete White SCM Standard
SCC-592300 Round On - Hard Concrete Black SCS Standard
SCC-592310 Round On - Hard Concrete Blue SCS Standard
SCC-592320 Round On - Hard Concrete Green SCS Standard
SCC-592330 Round On - Hard Concrete White SCS Standard