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Floor Cleaning Pads

Manufacturer: Tool-Co

  • Black: For all stripping aplications and agressive removal of dirt. Use with water on machines up to 350RPM.

  • Blue: For light scrubbing or heavy duty spray cleaning. Aggressively removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors prior to reooating. Use on machines up to 350RPM.

  • Red: For light daily cleaning and spray buffing. Removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing high gloss shine. Use on machines up to 800RPM.

  • White: Extra fine pad for polishing clean, dry floors. Use dry or wet for a high gloss ''wet look'' to newly finished floors on machines up to 3000RPM.

Code Diameter Thickness Grit Quality Add to Enquiries
K141047 425mm x Stripping Pad - Black Premium
K141049 425mm x Cleaning Pad - Blue Premium
K141050 425mm x Buffing Pad - Red Premium
K141041 425mm x Polishing Pad - White Premium