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Dust Shrouds

180mm Dust Shroud - Premium
180mm Dust Shroud - Premium
180mm Dust Shroud - Standard
180mm Dust Shroud - Standard

The best dust shroud just got better and more affordable with the New Angle Grinder Dust Shroud 180mm & 125mm Standard. Made of cast composite, the custom made dust shroud has been carefully developed to satisfy the Professional Concrete Grinders with no compromises in design or materials used. No more skirt adjustments. This shroud fits every 180mm Cup Grinder body type, no matter if the diamond cup is a PCD or standard segment, new or nearly worn out. The custom rubber diaphragm will automatically adjust flush to the concrete surface. Adjustable built in Air Vent to reduce vacuum pressure if suction of vacuum cleaner is too strong. 5mm replaceable Nylon wear strips have been fitted to prolong the lifetime of shroud. The unique flip top front allows edge grinding right up to the edge 99% dust free.

The design of the non-detachable mouth piece prevents it from getting lost, no tools are required. Collars supplied are for Makita & Hitachi and includes hub cup spacer. Other collars available on request to fit most popular angle grinders.

Vacuum ports are designed to fit perfectly with Pullman Ermator S13/S26/S36 Vacuums.

CE approved, complies 2006/42/EC.

Code Description THREAD GRIT QUALITY Add to Enquiries
BDS1251 125mm dust shroud Composite (includes all Collars) - - -
BDS001 180mm Dust Shroud for Makita - - -
BDS006 180mm Dust Collar 9237CB - - -
BDS002 180mm Dust Shroud Nylon Replacement Strip - - -
BDS003 Dust Shroud Collar Bosch - - -
BDS004 180mm Dust Shroud for Makita - - -