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Triglide Spreader

Triglide Spreader
Triglide Spreader

The Triglide Spreader is a fool proof, simple to use leveller for spreading semi flowable materials at precise thicknesses. It allows super quick application.The Triglide has a stainless steel levelling scraper plate and pre-set replaceable Trigliders at each end with three contact points. When one contact point is worn, the wing nuts are simply loosened, the Triglider rotated to the new setting and fastened into place.

Code Description Width Add to Enquiries
FA-TG61604 600mm Triglide Spreader 4mm
FA-TG61605 600mm Triglide Spreader 5mm
FA-TG61606 600mm Triglide Spreader 6mm
FA-TG61608 600mm Triglide Spreader 8mm
FA-TG61610 600mm Triglide Spreader 10mm
FA-TG61004 Replacement Triglide (Set 2) 4mm
FA-TG61005 Replacement Triglide (Set 2) 5mm
FA-TG61006 Replacement Triglide (Set 2) 6mm
FA-TG61008 Replacement Triglide (Set 2) 8mm
FA-TG61010 Replacement Triglide (Set 2) 10mm