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Spike Roller - 12mm Spikes

Spike Roller
Spike Roller
Spike Roller

Model: 12mm Spikes

For the removal of air bubbles from and cementitious floor coatings,  epoxy floor coatings and self-leveling screeds

Code Description Width Add to Enquiries
FA-721100 12mm Spike Roller 100mm
FA-721225 12mm Spike Roller 225mm
FA-721300 12mm Spike Roller 300mm
FA-721450 12mm Spike Roller 450mm
FA-721600 12mm Spike Roller 600mm
FA-721100R 12mm Spike refill 100mm
FA-721225R 12mm Spike refill 225mm
FA-721300R 12mm Spike refill 300mm
FA-721450R 12mm Spike refill 450mm
FA-721600R 12mm Spike refill 600mm