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Bellinzoni RR/1 Spray

Bellinzoni RR/1 Spray
Bellinzoni RR/1 Spray

Model: Bellinzoni RR/1 Spray

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni

One of the most popular requests for the maintenance of marble, granite and varnished wood is for a product which cleans and polishes in one operation. Bellinzoni RR/1 SPRAY is a foam product specifically for cleaning and polishing with wax to increases the shine and life. 

It does not contain CFC and therefore does not endanger the ozone layer.

Bellinzoni RR/1 SPRAY must be sprayed on the surface to be treated at a 5-10cm distance, spread with a dry soft cloth the lightly rubbed. Let it penetrate for 3-5min andthen polish using a wool or clean cotton cloth.

  • Do not exceed the recommend use because an excess of the spray could make the polishing operation more difficult and could leave shadow.
  • Follow the instruction on the tin carefully

Marble, Granite, engineered Stone, resin Marble and most natural stones.

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB04901 Bellinzoni RR/1 Spray Polish 400ml 400ml Tin