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Bellinzoni Bert 27

Bellinzoni Bert 27
Bellinzoni Bert 27

Model: Bellinzoni Bert 27

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni

Bellinzoni Bert 27 detergent is a concentrated acid based detergent for granite, cement, porcelain, terracotta & unpolished stones. It also works against rust. It can be used for deep cleaning of very dirty floors, for cleaning mortar leftover after installation and for cleaning floors with grease and oil stains (factories, workshops etc …).

Bellinzoni Bert 27 is used on strong surfaces like Granite, Ceramic Porcelain and Cement floors with very resistant dirt. It reacts very well for the removal of degreasing oil residuals, salt efflorescence’s or superficial oxidation spot (rust on granite).

Dilute Bellinzoni Bert 27 in clean water, apply using a mop or pour it directly on the area to be treated. For floor application dilute 10/20 ml of Bellinzoni Bert 27 in one litre of water and apply using a mop, let it work for 5-10 minutes, rub with brush, abrasive pad or if available using a single disc machine (150-250 rpm) equipped with green or red abrasive disc type. The product can be used manually using a nylon brush, scrubbing brush or mop. Rinse with plenty of water. If dirt residual is still present, apply the product again. Rinse very well with water, brushing continuously. Remove residual using sponges, cloths, mop or vacuum. For vertical application use a brush and then rinse very well using a pressure washer.


Dilute the Bellinzoni Bert 27 in water depending on the amount of dirt to be removed. We suggest following dilution:

  • To clean cement, mortar, plaster etc… dilute 20/30 ml (2 table spoon) of Bellinzoni Bert 27 in 1 litre of warm water.
  • To clean rust, grease etc… dilute 50 ml (3-4 tablespoon) of Bellinzoni Bert 27 in 1 litre of warm water.
  • To clean residual efflorescence on granites and ceramic: dilute 30 ml (2 table spoon) in 1 litre of warm water.
  • Bellinzoni Bert 27 is acid based therefore we recommend rinsing all tools used for the job very well, especially the vacuum unit or single disc machine.
  • We suggest not using Bellinzoni Bert 27 on polished marble, on terrazzo, on calcareous stones, on slates and any material sensitive to acids.
  • Before use read the recommendations printed on the tin.



Floors: 150/200 m2 with 1 litre. Coverage depends on the quality and intensity of dirt to be removed.
For rust, coverage depends of the deepness of the rust, if it is superficial rust it is possible to clean 30/40 m2.
If it is resistant rust it may be necessary to do a double application. In the extreme case of very resistant rust in the stone it may be necessary to use the product Bellinzoni Rust Remover.

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB06001 Bellinzoni Bert 27 1lt Extra Strong Detergent 1LT