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Tool-Co 250mm Floor Grinder


Manufacturer: Tool-Co

Single head direct drive floor grinder used for floor preperartion

This machine uses 250mm grinding heads.

Here is a link to our grinding heads which makes this machine so versatile. 

From preparing standard concrete floors to repairing badly damaged floor, this machine can do the job.

  • The Tool-Co BDG250 Floor Grinders head can be adjusted to 90⁰ for grinding against walls.
  • The design of the detachable dust shroud allows the grinder to get up close to the wall.
  • The switch is specially adjusted to protect the motor from over current by disconnecting power supply when the current exceeds its rated maximum.
  • The Tool-Co BDG250 Floor Grinder will also automatically turn off should the power be disconnected so that the machine will not start without the operator present.
  • The Tool-Co BDG250 Floor Grinder of the machine can fold down to make the machine easier to transport and store.
  • The Tool-Co BDG250 Floor Grinder comes standard with both water and vacuum ports for wet and dry use.
  • The specialised flexible coupling transmits maximum torque through to the floor while allowing the grinding head to flex with the floor.
  • The Tool-Co BDG250 Floor Grinder has a direct drive power system running at 1400RPM which gives the machine the ability to put incredible power to the floor. 

Code Description Phase Motor Current Weight Add to Enquiries
BDG2501 250mm Floor Grinder Single 2.2kW 10amp 67kg