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Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent

Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent
Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent

Model: Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent is a detergent with hygienic, deodorizing and strong degreasing action for the deep sanitation of public and private areas, such as schools, hospitals, offices, public toilets and in particular: table tops, bathroom floors and tops, eating houses, cooking tools. Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent reduces the bacterial charge of an area. Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent can be used as multipurpose cleaner.


Where to apply:

Marble, Granite, Ceramic, terrazzo, cement, terracotta and any most other surfaces.

Very good for cleaning kitchens and sanitary areas.



Use Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent to hygienically clean and deodorize kitchens, tables, countertops. Hygienix Detergent can be used undiluted when a deep clean is required i.e. public areas. Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent can also be used for regular cleaning of surfaces.


Dilute 20/30 ml of Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent in 1 litre of warm water. For deep cleaning use a higher concentration of Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent.

Apply with a sponge, cloth or mop.



1 litre can clean up to 100-120 m2 depending on the dilution and the condition of the floor.


For more details regarding tests and certificates please view the Bellinzoni Hygienix Detergent Technical PDF.

Product Documentation:

Hygienix Detergent Technical.pdf

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