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Bellinzoni Ultrastripper Concentrate Cleaner

Bellinzoni Ultrastripper Concentrate Cleaner
Bellinzoni Ultrastripper Concentrate Cleaner

Model: Bellinzoni Ultrastripper Concentrate Cleaner

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Highly efficient detergent for every type of dirt: grease, smog, oily stains. It removes very resistant metallic, acrylic and solvent based waxes from floor and wall and it is also suitable for deep cleaning of floors before polishing.

It is also very useful for cleaning tile joints and gaps.


Instruction for Use:

Dilute 10 – 15% of the product in water; apply with a mop/brush or for big areas by floor polisher equipped with cleaning pad or carbon brush. If some residue is still left, repeat the operation.

Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water to avoid drying dirt settling again in the joints and gaps. If possible remove the water with the vacuum.

For application on vertical surfaces (indoor or outdoor wall claddings, columns, statues etc), use a brush or an abrasive pad. Else you can use “ULTRASTRIPPER GEL”. Spread the product and then rub hard with the pad or brush over the same surface. Rinse well.


Suggestion for Use:

  • Premix the product in the floor scrubbing machine tank.
  • In case of stubborn dirt, increase the product concentration depending on the requirement.
  • Recommend to use ULTRA STRIPPER for deep cleaning of the floors prior crystallisation or to clean places with very stubborn dirt such as car workshop, showrooms, parking lots and industrial floors etc.
  • Recommend using lukewarm water.
  • Read recommendations printed on the tin before use carefully.


Application on surfaces:

Marble, granite, terrazzo, porcelain homogenous tiles, glazed tiles.



To clean stone or cement surfaces with 1 litre of product it is possible to treat 80 to 120 m2.

Output varies depending on quantity used and type of dirt to remove.


Product Documentation:

Ultrastripper Concentrate Cleaner Technical.pdf

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB06102 Bellinzoni Bellinzoni Ultrastripper Concentrate Cleaner 5LT