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Algae Remover Algakill


Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Algae Remover Algakill is a concentrated product with strong hygienic action. It removes and prevents deposits of Alga, moulds and musk. Suitable for slabs, facades and swimming pools. The product can be used as an alga and musk remove as well as a preventer



Instruction for Use:

Liquid Version:

  • Lay the product on the surface to be cleaned using a waterjet machine or by brush.
  • Algakill can be used pure or diluted with water up to 1:3. Using warm water gives better results.
  • Let Agakill work for 30-60minutes and rinse with water.


 Spray Version:

  • Spray evenly on the surface to clean specially on the part where there is presence of algae, mildew and humidity spots.
  • Let Algaekill work for 30-60 minutes (mildew and algae will change colour in light and become grey. Rinse with water brushing and making abrasive action in order to remove the dust
  • To clean humidity spot on plaster it is suggested that you brush without water.
  • No dilution is need. The product is ready to use,

Algae prevention in swimming pools and fountains:

  • Drop Algaekill directly into the water or into the skimmer.
  • Follow the following dilution.
    • First Dosage – 40gr/m3 of water.
    • Maintenance Dosage 20gr/m3 of water once a week.
    • Concentrated Dosage 70gr/ m3 of water.



Suggestion for Use:

  • When Algaekill is used as a remover we suggest scrubbing the area first with a brush without water to remove part of the impurities. Brush can be used dry without water or chemicals.
  • In order to maintain the material clean from algae and musk, repeat treatment every 6 months. Normally it is recommended to make the treatment in autumn and spring.
  • When Algakill is used for prevention in swimming pools, fountains etc… we recommend not exceeding the suggested ratio.


Application on surfaces:

Marble, granite, ceramic, terrazzo, cement, terracotta and any cleaning surface.



Clean stones in general and cements: With 1 litre of Algakill it is possible to clean 20-30m2. If the stone is covered by impurities, algae, mildew and musk, then it is possible to clean 10-15m2

Product Documentation:

Algae Remover Algakill Technical.pdf

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