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Bellinzoni Antislip Polish AS11

Bellinzoni Antislip Polish AS11
Bellinzoni Antislip Polish AS11

Model: Bellinzoni Antislip Polish AS11

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy


Liquid wax based on natural and synthetic waxes, thanks to its special formula to reduce slipperiness of marble, granite, terrazzo and ceramic floors. It gives a brilliant warm sheen and reduces the slipperiness of the treated surface at the same time.



Instruction for Use:

Wash the floor (We recommend using Bellinzoni LEM-3).

For very old or very dirty floors we recommend Bellinzoni Ultra Stripper (Floor must be free from old waxes and grease).

After washing, rinse very well and let it dry (you can use a vacuum to remove liquid) and wait until completely dry. Once the floor has dried proceed to apply the wax with a damp cloth. Let the wax dry avoiding contact. Polish energetically with a dry cloth or floor polishing machine. The result will be a brilliant floor. Periodical floor treatment must be done with water and out AS22 ant slip clean and polish. Repeat the application periodically



Suggestion for Use:

  • The longer the wax stays on the floor prior to buffing the better the final result will be.
  • We suggest always diluting the wax in order to avoid build-up on the floor.
  • Product for indoor use.
  • It is suggested to make different rest treatment with different dilutions in order to reach the best anti slip. This procedure is necessary because different stone have different absorption.
  • Follow the instruction printed on the tin carefully
  • This product needs maintenance.


Application on surfaces:

Marble, granite, terrazzo engineered stone, resin marble and most natural stones.



1 litre of anti-slip can treat 40/50 m2 in dependence of the floor situation.

Product Documentation:

Antislip Polish AS11 Technical.pdf

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