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Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal

Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal
Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal

Model: Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy


Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal is used as a final step in achieving the high reflectivity finish that is seen on polished marble tiles and slabs. To be used with water and a buffing pad to get excellent results.


Instruction for Use:

  1. Spread Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal on the floor manually in a circle, approximately a couple of square metres where single-disc machine will be used. Position the machine equipped with a natural fibre disc on the Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal powder on the floor.
  2. With solution tank water control, wet the floor with water before turning on the floor machine. Add SuperCristal powder or water as necessary to maintain watery slurry. If a water solution tank is not used, wet a small area with clean water and sprinkle Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal. Turn on the floor machine and work water and SuperCristal powder into slurry. Rotation of the machine may splatter the slurry, so take care to protect adjoining areas of carpet, wood and walls. Use the soft white floor maintenance pad for the application of this product on the stone.
  3. Work areas of no more than 1-2 square meters at a time. DO NOT ALLOW THE SLURRY TO DRY ON THE FLOOR AT ANY TIME.
  4. After running the floor machine over the area 3 or 4 times, use 16” or 18” window squeegee and pull across the area to check result. When a high polish in this area has been achieved, move the slurry with the squeegee to the next area to be polished.
  5. Rinse the floor with clean water and make sure all Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal slurry is removed from the surface and grout joints.
  6. Repeat polishing process using the same slurry by adding water or Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal as needed, until the entire area to be polished is completed.
  7. Wash the floor thoroughly with clean water and neutral detergent and leave it to dry. When the floor is dry, buff with clean and dry white floor maintenance pad.


Suggestion for Use:

  • Take care during use of the product because could burn the marble
  • Single disc machine must run maximum 175-200rpm, with a minimum weight of 45kg with solution tank, water feed and driver; 16”-17” white floor maintenance pad is required.
  • Read instruction on labels before use carefully.


Application on surfaces:

Marble and terrazzo.



For polishing of marble and granite polished, with 1 kg of product is possible to treat 40/50 m2 in dependence of the floor situation.

Product Documentation:

Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal Technical.pdf

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB01401 Bellinzoni Marble Polishing Powder Supercristal 1kg 1kg