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Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka”

Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka”
Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka”

Model: Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka”

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka” is a new polishing gel, especially for polishing granite and gres quickly and easily, just using a single disc machine or a grinding-honing machine. It is possible to use it on smoothed materials, starting from grit 220 and above, or in alternative to tin oxide. It is a gel product, specifically designed to polish new granite and gres surfaces or to restore polish floors that lost shine and colour by high traffic. Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka” does not contain lead.


Instruction for Use:

Wash the floor thoroughly using a single-disc machine equipped with appropriate disk, in order to eliminate all dirt, residues of old waxes and treatments (we recommend to use our Ultrastripper), rinse very well and dry up with a vacuum.

Pour a small quantity (around 30 gr) of Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka directly on the floor, under the natural fibre disk, dampen slightly and then work the product with the single disc machine (speed 150-400 rpm, minimum 30 Kg weight) or a polishing-grinding machine over around 1-2 m2 of floor. Pour water in case the gel dries up too quickly during operation. Distribute the product evenly and keep on working the surface until Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka is dried, until desired polish is obtained.

In case of very porous materials, treatment shall be repeated a second time. Afterwards wash and rinse with water and an alkaline substance (soda, bicarbonate or our Ultrastripper detergent) in order to eliminate residues of product and neutralize residual acidity


Suggestion for Use:

  • In case of very porous materials it could be necessary apply a second coat.
  • Deep cleaning of the floor before treatment is recommended.
  • If the machine becomes hard to use because of the friction between the machine and the stone, causing high heating of the floor, spray clean water directly on the floor.
  • Before use read the recommendations printed on the tin carefully.
  • Perform a preliminary test before use.


Application on surfaces:

Granite and gres surfaces



With 1 Litre of Granite Polishing Gel “Eureka” is possible to treat 20-30 m2

Product Documentation:

Granite Polishing Gel Technical.pdf

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GB01101 Bellinzoni Granite Polishing Gel 1Lt 1LT