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Bellinzoni Crystallizer Vetro-Glass

Bellinzoni Crystallizer Vetro-Glass
Bellinzoni Crystallizer Vetro-Glass

Model: Bellinzoni Crystallizer Vetro-Glass

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

It is now easy to renew a long-lasting sheen and to harden the surfaces of marble and stone agglomerates without using wax or resin. Just use Bellinzoni VETRO-GLASS crystallizer. A thermo-chemical reaction known as “crystallisation” is obtained by the use of a single-disc polishing-machine which lets the calcium carbonate (a natural marble component) to be dissolved by mild acids and mixed with vitrifying agents produces a shiny and extremely hard surface that looks like glass. Porosities are completely sealed, and the floor becomes much more resistant to traffic.


Instructions for use:

Wash the floor thoroughly (we recommend using Bellinzoni LEM-3)

For badly damaged floors and very stubborn dirt you can try our degreasing cleaner Ultra Stripper.

Rinse the floor well (traces of old wax or grease must be completely removed)

Put Crystallizer Vetro-Glass in a sprayer and spray evenly on the surface to be treated. Pass a single disc polish machine (175-200RPM) equipped with steel wool or white buff pad and slowly keep working until dry. Crystallizer Vetro-Glass will create a thermos-chemical reaction while drying the surface. After treatment we suggest our Special Liquid Wax for Polishing to increase and protect the polish.



Suggestion for use:

  • After washing the floor, let it dry thoroughly to avoid and residues.
  • For white and light marbles we suggest using a white buff pad.
  • We suggest treating 1-3m2 at a time.
  • Avoid dripping Crystallizer Vetro-Glass on the floor.
  • Make sure there is no left over residue of Crystallizer Vetro-Glass on the floor.
  • Before use read the recommendations printed on the tin carefully.


Application on surfaces:

Marble, compact/agglomerate marble, agglomerate and engineered stone, terrazzo, resin marble, travertine and calcareous stone.



With 1kg of Crystallizer Vetro-Glass it is possible to treat from 30-40m2 of floor. Coverage depends on the condition of the floor and the type of material.


Product Documentation:

Crystallizer Vetro-Glass Technical.pdf

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