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Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux

Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux
Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux

Model: Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Marble and mankind have been joined in history for centuries. Old villas and ancient castles stand as witnesses to the beauty of marble. With the use of antique finish Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux even in a modern house full of modern appliances, we can enjoy the traditional because Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux lends the marble a warm and noble appearance, enhancing the colour beauty and quality. What nature has produced over centuries can now be reproduced in a few minutes, thanks to antique finish Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux.


Instructions for use:

After antiquing the stone using traditional ways (Tumbled, Sand blasted, flamed etc…) or with new technology products. Apply the product evenly on clean cloth and dry surface. Let it dry for 3 to 4 hours. To get more shine it is suggested to buff using a dry clean cloth, with fine steel wool or brush. For automatic polishing it is possible to use an electric tool with felt disc. Floor application can be made using a single disc machine equipped with red disc or steel wool. For regular maintenance use detergent Bellinzoni LEM 3 for cleaning and Bellinzoni Liquid Wax to renew the polish



Suggestion for use:

  • To facilitate penetration of the wax into the material we suggest warming the slab, this procedure will open the porosities, letting the wax penetrate deeply.
  • If application is made on the floor, be careful because it may become slippery. Slipperiness will decease after periodical washing.
  • To delay dry time of the wax dilute the product 30% with turpentine.
  • Do not apply on synthetic materials. (Plastic, rubber, linoleum etc…)
  • Before use read the recommendations printed on the tin carefully.


Application on surfaces:

Marble, granite, travertine, slate tiles and agglomerate natural stones



For polishing of marble and granite polished greater than 800# grit and with 1 kg of wax it is possible to treat 25-30 m2. In case of calcareous stone, limestone, sans stone, polished concrete with grit higher than 800# it is possible to treat 15-20m2


Product Documentation:

Ager Enhancer Vieux Technical.pdf

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB00601 Bellinzoni Ager Enhancer Vieux 725ml 725ml