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Bellinzoni Wax Paste for Polishing

Bellinzoni Wax Paste for Polishing
Bellinzoni Wax Paste for Polishing

Model: Bellinzoni Wax Paste for Polishing

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Bellinzoni Wax Paste for special preparation for polishing marble and granite:

This product comes in a paste form for polishing marbles, granites and cements. It dries quickly and forms a film of top quality waxes on the surface which penetrate into the material. It gives long lasting sheen. It is a top quality concentrated wax, dissolved in a non-inflammable solvent. This is a paste with exceptional polishing and protective power, due to the extremely high quality of raw materials used in its preparation. The product penetrates into the material and if it is then rubbed with fine steel wool, a felt pad, a dry woollen or cotton cloth, a uniform brilliant and long lasting mirror-finish will be achieved. Owing to its special composition this product fills and seals porosities in the material and covers small scratches. It is available in the following colours: White & Black


Instructions for use:

Apply evenly on the surface until all porosities are saturated, can be polished using bristle brush. Can be diluted with turpentine to delay drying


Application on surfaces:

Marble, granite, travertine, slate tiles and agglomerate natural stones



With 1 kg of product can treat 15 – 20 m2 of compact material


Suggested use:

House, industry and big areas

Product Documentation:

Wax Paste for Polishing Technical.pdf

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB00102 Bellinzoni Wax Paste for Polishing White 930ml 930ml
GB00202 Bellinzoni Wax Paste for Polishing Black 930ml 930ml