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Bellinzoni Idea HP Water & Oil Repellent

Bellinzoni Idea HP Water & Oil Repellent
Bellinzoni Idea HP Water & Oil Repellent

Model: Bellinzoni Idea HP Water & Oil Repellent

Manufacturer: Bellinzoni Italy

Clear protective agent to protect stones against water, oil, grease and humidity. Bellinzoni IDEA HP penetrates deep into the stone, blocking the efflorescence and lets the stone breath.

Bellinzoni IDEA HP does not change the natural colour of the stone and does not create an unsightly plastic film.


Laboratory test shows Bellinzoni IDEA HP resists well to UV rays and the colour does not change even after prolonged time. Bellinzoni IDEA HP is perfectly clear and leaves the original stone colour unaltered. Most suitable for façade, table, kitchen, vanity tops etc. It prevents mildew formation

Where to Apply

Marble, granite, stone, cement and artificial Stone


Clean and dry the surface that is to be treated well. Apply IDEA HP evenly with a cloth, brush or other proper tool which can remove any excess. When the stone is porous a second coat may be necessary after 2 hours.  To remove excess, rub the area with a cloth soaked with IDEA HP within 2 hours of the last application


Approximately 10m2 per 1 litre when applied on a polished surface.

Code Description Unit Add to Enquiries
GB01502 Bellinzoni Idea HP 1lt Water & Oil Repellent 1LT
GB01503 Bellinzoni Idea HP 5lt Water & Oil Repellent 5LT
GB01504 Bellinzoni Idea HP 25lt Water & Oil Repellent 25LT