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DM 650 High frequency


Model: DM 650

Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Husqvarna DM650 is a very powerful and versatile electric drill motor equipped with high frequency PRIME™ technology. The high power output, low weight, user friendly setup and intelligent design makes Husqvarna DM 650 suitable for most drilling applications. The DM 650 can be used with either PP 65 or PP 220 as power source.


Features Husqvarna DM 650

  • Dust-proof, water-cooled motor with minimal service requirements.
  • Torq boost reduces speed to increase drilling torque.
  • The Elgard™ feature available on several of our drill motors facilitates that if the motor runs at too high a load for a long period, it will start to pulsate. If the load is not reduced the motor will shut off, to prevent overheating. Elgard™ significantly increases the machine’s service life.
  • Very powerful drill motor delivering 6 kW on the spindle (3 kW on 1-phase)
  • 18-step adjustable rpm range ensures optimal speed for all drill bit dimensions.
  • Easy to carry and install thanks to low weight and ergonomic design.
  • Dust-proof, water-cooled motor with minimal service requirements.
  • Torq boost, reduces speed to increase drilling torque.
  • Durable, shock-proof design protecting the electronics.
  • Elgard™ enables drilling at maximum pressure without risk of overload.


For more detailed infomation please visit the Husqvarna DM650 webpage and Husqvarna PP65 Webpage


Power 3-phase: 6.0 kW D 1200 Series
Power 1-phase: 3.0 kW D 1400 Series
Spindle speed unloaded 3-phase: 125-250 rpm
Spindle speed unloaded 1-phase: 270-530 rpm
Spindle thread: 1 1/4"
Drill diameter max: 600 mm
Weight: 14.0 kg



Code Model Number Description Power Add to Enquiries
H966563601 DM 650 DM 650 High Frequency Core Drill 6kW / 3kW
H966563701 PP 65 HF PP 65 High Frequency Power Pack 7kW / 4kW
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