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Ride on Pans


Manufacturer: Tool-Co

Float pans help achieve flatter floors and increase production. It also allows operators to wait longer before getting on the slab. 
Bi-rotational float pan (can be spun both ways) designed for non-overlapping ride-on or walk-behind power trowels.

Please Note:  Rotate pans midway through use on ride-on power trowels for optimum wear.

Code Description Quality Add to Enquiries
FP0610U Edge Pan 610mm x 4 Hooks Premium
FP0942U Ride-On-Pan 942mm x 8 Hooks Premium
FP1178U10 Ride-On-Pan 1178mm x 10 Hooks Premium
FP1178U8 Ride-On-Pan 1178mm x 8 Hooks Premium