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RDC MAX- Polishing


Model: RDC MAX

Manufacturer: Scanmaskin

This is our most efficient and most economical choice when polishing concrete and terrazzo.

The RDC Max polishing tool has great durability which gives a glossy finish.

The RDC Max polishing tools are designed for dry use, and are best suited for the following grinders: SC650, SC700RC, SC800 and SC1000RC

Code Colour Bond Type Add to Enquiries
SC-593040 GREY 50# RESIN
SC-593041 BLACK 100# RESIN
SC-593042 BLUE 200# RESIN
SC-593043 RED 400# RESIN
SC-593044 WHITE 800# RESIN
SC-593045 YELLOW 1500# RESIN
SC-593046 GREEN 3000# RESIN