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Scan Dust 6000


Model: SD-6000

Manufacturer: Scanmaskin

The dust collector Scan Dust 6000 (SD 6000) is designed for use in conjunction with our larger grinders Scan Combiflex 650, Scan Combiflex 700RC, Scan Combiflex 800, and Scan Combiflex


The SD 6000 is a very high capacity vacuum that provides superior airflow and water lift for heavy grinding applications. This model is equipped with Jet-Pulse, an efficient system that pulses the filters in order to keep them clean. The main filter contains of four washable and durable cartridge filters with up to 99.5 % filtration. In addition, the SD 6000 is equipped with four HEPA filters that comply with the HEPA 13 regulations and filters up to 99.95% of the particles.

The SD 6000 also takes advantage of the Longopac bagging system, which makes managing dust very easy and efficient. With the Longopac system, all dust is collected in a heavy-duty plastic bag, which can easily be disposed with minimal dust contact.

For optimal result, use the Scan Dust 6000 together with the Scan Dust Separator 6000 (SD Separator 6000).The SD Separator 6000 separates up to 90% of the dust particles. This means that the filters of the Scan Dust 6000 don’t need to be cleaned as often as when the SD Separator 6000 isn’t in use and the filters also last longer. Additionally, the airflow is high for a longer time. The SD

Separator 6000 is delivered with a hose, 3 m, for connection to the dust collector.


Technical Data

Motor power: 5.5 kW (7.5 hP)

Voltage: 3 x 400 V

Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Max airflow: 530 m3/h

Max vacuum: 300 mbar

Noise level: 70 dB(A)

Hose: ø 50 mm, 10 m + ø 76 mm, 10 m

Nozzle: 450 mm

Main filter: Cartridge filter, polyester 4x1.4 m2  >99,5% filtration

Micro filter: HEPA H13, 4x0.76 m2 >99.95% filtration

Filter cleaning: semi-automatic

Dimensions: 1140 x 720 x 1775 mm

Weight: 180 kg

Code Description Phase Motor Current Weight Add to Enquiries
SCM-770000 Scan Dust 6000 Vacuum Three 5.5kW 16 Amp 180kg
SCM-780013 Scan Dust 6000 Seperator - - - -