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Scan Combiflex 800


Model: SC-800

Manufacturer: Scanmaskin

The Scan Combiflex 800 (SC 800) is a robust and stable machine made of steel, designed for high productivity in large areas. The SC 800 offers 800 mm of grinding power combined with 380 kg of weight, making it the perfect machine for commercial applications. The SC 800 has three grinding heads, which spin in a counter-rotating configuration for increased efficiency and smooth operation. This allows the machine to grind or polish at higher speeds, while at the same time minimizing side torque and stress on the operator. The ergonomic design also reduces vibrations for the operator, and enables the machine to produce consistent results with minimal effort.

The SC 800 also uses a very high disc to drum ratio, which results in each grinding head turning at a very rapid speed. This allows the SC 800 to polish extremely well, and increases the performance of each grinding head.

Additionally, the SC 800 has two different options for wet grinding. It features a water valve inlet, which comes standard and allows the operator to connect a water hose as the main water supply. As an optional feature, the SC 800 can be purchased with a built-in water tank, which eliminates the need for an external water hose.


Technical Data:

Motor power: 11 kW (15 hP) ; Current: 32 Amp ; Voltage: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Speed: 500-1400/min ; Grinding discs: 3 x 240 mm

Grinding width: 800 mm

Weight: 380 kg

Water valve inlet: Standard

Water tank: Optimal feature

We recommend the dust collector Scan Dust 6000 together with the dust separator Scan Dust Separator 6000 for dust free grinding.

Code Description Phase Motor Current Weight Add to Enquiries
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